Living Coral Sparkling Rosé

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Our Coral Reefs Are Disappearing

Our Oceans
Our oceans and all that lives within them are in crisis, including one of the world’s most fascinating, beautiful and valuable ecosystems, coral reefs. Biologically diverse, uniquely beautiful and bustling with life, coral reefs are akin to underwater rainforests, and like rainforests provide so much more than simply a home to countless species of marine life:

  • Coral Reefs are the ocean’s lungs, helping to transform CO2 into the oxygen we breathe.
  • Coral Reefs are natural barriers against storms, tsunamis and coastal erosion.
  • Coral Reefs provide food, resources and livelihoods to more than 500 million people around the world.

Time is running out
Yet in the past 40 years almost half of the world’s coral reefs have been lost, and without action ALL coral reefs could be dead by as soon as 2050. Today’s generations could be the last to see a living coral reef. Think about this!

A multitude of factors including pollution, over-fishing and rising ocean temperatures have impacted the health of coral reefs worldwide. More so, research shows coral reefs respond more quickly than any other ecosystem to environmental changes, making them an early warning system for changes taking place in the oceans and other ecosystems around the world. While we can’t go back and undo what is done, we can start take action right now to create a better future for our coral reefs.


There Is A Solution

Hope is not lost
Hope is not lost. People around the world are answering the call to save our coral reefs. Scientists, activists, entrepreneurs, philanthropists and people from all walks of life are banding together to take action to halt the crisis and to preserve and restore our coral reefs. Taking action to support this cause is the inspiration behind Living Coral wine.

Living Coral is not just a wine with a cause. Living Coral is a wine that exists because of a cause – to educate wine lovers about the importance of coral reefs, to create awareness of the threats they are facing, and most importantly, to take action to ensure these valuable, vibrant undersea ecosystems that we depend upon do not vanish from our planet.

Relief for the Reef

For Every Bottle Sold, the Living Coral Foundation Will Make a Contribution to an Organization Dedicated to Saving Our Coral Reefs.

Whether you live near or far from an ocean shore makes no difference. We all depend upon the oceans and the coral reefs that lie beneath their surface for life as we know it.

About the Living Coral Foundation

Living Coral Sparkling Rosé

Tasting Notes
Living Coral Sparkling Rosé captures the splendor of a coral reef in every glass poured. The color is reminiscent of the sun’s rays breaking the ocean’s surface to light up the world below, while the bubbles impart a vibrant effervescence evocative of the life contained within these lush undersea worlds.

The bouquet is pleasantly fruity with floral notes and gives way to concentrated fruit flavors of ripe nectarine and peach balanced by refreshing acidity to create an intriguing and elegantly complex sparkling wine.

Menu Pairings
This wine is an ideal accompaniment to any dessert, especially chocolate-based deserts, and absolutely delicious with chocolate covered strawberries. Extremely versatile and food friendly, the acidity and bubbles compliment and aide in the digestion of fried and fatty foods; think pan-fried breaded chicken breasts, creamy rice and pasta dishes, juicy burgers with onion rings, smoky barbequed ribs and soft cheeses.